The World’s Finest Cigar for the Premium Smoker

The World’s Finest Cigar for the Premium Smoker

A fine cigar, like a top shelf Cognac, Brandy, or Whiskey, is the ultimate in luxury relaxation items for the classiest of ladies and gentlemen.

That being said, just like an aged wine or any of the liqueurs listed above the quality of brands, types, tastes, and flavors in particular cigars fluctuates greatly and for the premium cigar smoker the hunt is always on for the finest cigars in the world to add to their collection and enjoy on warm summer evenings or cold winter nights.

Below, we’ll examine just a few of the top shelf cigars and determine just which cigars are the best in the world and what makes them our favorite stogies.

Taste and flavor along with availability, manufacturer and even the location in which the cigar itself is rolled all determine just what goes into making the world’s finest cigars. Cigar aficionados agree that many of the top brands in the world today are rolled in the city of Miami, Florida.

From the Padilla Miami 8&11 Torpedo, a boutique cigar rolled on the corner of 8th street and 11th avenue in Miami’s Little Havana, to the Sublimes Robusto Extra, which started out in Miami until demand grew too large and the company was forced to purchase a bigger factory in Nicaragua, the Florida city has had a hand in the making of many of the world’s finest brands.

Fruits, coffee, oak, nuts and earthy tastes are considered by many to be the flavor catalysts that drive the love of their favorite cigars. The Padilla Miami mentioned above, for instance, is said to possess a splendid light cocoa taste with a soft underlying of varied fruits and oaks.

The Nat Sherman Nicaraguan 652T, a cigar synonymous with the New York smoking scene, is said to waft the palate with a rich molasses and semi-sweet chocolate taste.

Though flavor and taste are a subjective qualifier most collectors and smokers agree that a rich and robust tang is a must for any top shelf cigar and an absolute for the best cigars in the world.

Availability and manufacturer are also under the magnifying glass when it comes to collectors’ favorite cigars and many limited production stogies are also in our humidors as the world finest.

The Sublimes Robusto mentioned above are only produced in quantities of 90,000 per year, making them a much sought after smoking experience by many collectors. Other cigars like 150 & XO and the Black Label Trading Company’s Deliverance Nocturne sell in limited quantities at any given time making them some of the world’s finest that collector’s keep an eye out for.

In conclusion, there are many different factors that go into making the world’s greatest cigars, and many different smokers have many different opinions on just which cigars they’d consider the heavy weight champions.

The stogies mentioned here are a great place to start if you’re looking for a fine cigar to end your evening with but this is far from a complete list of all the great cigars the world has to offer. Get to your lounge in your finest smoking vest, light up, and find out for yourself!


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