The Best Dominican Cigars

The Best Dominican Cigars

Some of the best and most popular cigars in the world are found in the Dominican Republic.

These cigars are known for their high quality and unique flavor profiles. These cigars have quite a long history that plays a major part in their popularity. It all began with the Cuban Embargo. The tobacco farmers that settled in the Dominican Republic had many years of experience growing tobacco plants in Cuba.

This is when they began to cultivate the highest quality of Cuban tobacco seed that led to them becoming legendary. This is what led these cigars to become recognized as the best in the world.

These cigars are of perfect construction. They have the most flavor when compared to any other cigars and their flavors range from being mild to strong full flavor.

The World’s Best Cigars From the Dominican Republic

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Double Robusto

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Double Robusto ranks as number one on the list and it contains a rare vintage tobacco with a flawless wrapper of Cameroon.

This is the cigar that offers an extraordinary smoking experience with perfect burn quality. This cigar offers the most dominate flavors that include cedar, sweet spicy notes, cocoa, chocolate and nuts.

Macanudo Prince Phillip Cigar

The Macanudo Prince Phillip Cigar is known as the best-selling brand in the U.S. Smoking one will provide a silky smooth experience. The tobacco is grown in the San Andres Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. This is a premium cigar that still remains a Dominican treasure.

Montecristo White No. 2 Belicoso

This cigar has a long history that dates back to Cuba in 1935. It is made from a blend of the Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers and wrapped with an individual hand-selected Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. It burns really slow as it offers a creamy, sweet and smooth flavor.

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully

This cigar is wrapped with an oily brown TBN java wrapper. It is filled with tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Brazil. It has a strong Cuban heritage and still remains a classic.

Cohiba Dominican Corona

This is a luxury cigar that contains Dominican Piloto Cubano long-fillers and wrapped with African Cameroon. The smoker can enjoy its lavish and creamy flavor. This cigar took many years to make but only takes less than an hour to enjoy smoking.

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro

Crafted by skilled Artisans, this cigar is filled with medium bodied Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian tobacco wrapped with African Cameroon leaf. It provides the smoker with a rich, nutty taste.

La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro

This cigar includes delicious blends of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves that are rolled inside a black and oily Connecticut Broad-leaf wrapper. This cigar has received international acclaim.

AVO Classic No. 5

This cigar is crafted with the highest standards. It is long and thin delivering the smoker with a mild to medium-bodied taste. It has been recognized as being one of the finest Dominican cigars on the market.

Don Osvaldo Sumatra

This cigar provides the smoker with a mild, creamy and semi-sweet smooth flavor. It is made with outstanding quality.

La Aurora Barrel Aged Robusto

It offers the smoker flavors of coffee, mocha, charred wood and sugary spice. This cigar dates back to 1907. The special blend contained in this cigar is uniquely seasoned in oak barrels. These are aromatic barrels that once contained Rum.

These are the finest cigars in the world and they have taken years to master and create.

Today there are smokers from all corners of the Earth that only prefer fine Dominican Republic cigars. You can find these cigars being sold in tobacco shops all across the world as well as online.

These cigars range in price from fairly inexpensive to very expensive, but when you want to smoke the best cigars then price should never be a factor.


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