The Best Cigar in the World

The Best Cigar in the World

According to Cigar Aficionado, a magazine that offers the most extensive database of the world of cigars and that features ratings and reviews of selected cigars, in the year 2015, the Best Cigar or the Number One Best in the world was the My Father Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo Natural.

Originally, My Father was meant to honor Pepin Garcia, father of Jaime –the brand’s creator. After a year, Pepin then decided to honor his father with an offshoot brand which he named My Father Le Bijou 1922 which is characteristically darker and stronger than the originals which wore an Ecuadorian cover leaf.

This new blend is purely Nicaraguan and showcases Cuban-seed wrappers which the innovating family calls “obscure”. This torpedo, which comes in only one size, is box-pressed.

According to some reviews of cigar smokers in Thompson Cigar, it is a flavorful cigar that is very strong for a med-full cigar. It may give the smoker a very spicy experience with lots of pepper at the start.

It is not suggested for a newbie. However, it is recommended to always smoke it on a full stomach.

The Look:

The box-pressed torpedo My Father Le Bijou features the classic looking My Father band with a myriad of colors that is one of the most colorful in the industry and one of a few to utilize the color pink as its primary color.

A second band reads Le Bijou 1992. The cigar has shade changes near the torpedo cap, while the lower portion of the cigar is more uniform with a slight brindle effect.

An orange ribbon adorns the foot of the cigar which protects the foot should you store your cigars out of the cello.


The cold draw of the Le Bijous 1922 serves up a sweetness that reminds of cherries and molasses with some wood on the finish. There is some spice on the lips as well that prepares you for the light of the cigar. The foot of the cigar has a slight mocha flavor with some cedar taste.

Once the cigar is toasted, the smoker is greeted with black pepper in typical Pepin Garcia fashion. It has become his signature which some smokers refer to the initial light as a blast of Pepin spice. While some spice remains the primary note is sweet bordering on cherries with some dark chocolate.

Through the nose on the retro hale is some red pepper flakes and coffee notes on the finish. In the second third of the cigar it could be ideally paired up with some hot chocolate over the table. Some pepper remains through the nose and the moderate finish continues to serve up notes of dark chocolate.

The Burn:

This box-pressed torpedo features and excellent draw and firm ash. The cigar smoke slows and remains cool with a slightly jagged combustion line. The medium gray ash held for a third of the Le Bijou 1922 at a clip and remained lit throughout with no touch ups required.

The Finish:

Because of its unique blend of flavors, the magazine Cigar Aficionado has announced that My Father Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo Natural is the Cigar of the Year. With that being said, every publication has their own methodology and has a right to do as they see fit.

My Father Cigars has a history of offering high-quality cigars. Now for the cigar itself; the My Father Le Bijou is rich and complex with subtle nuances of sweetness and bitterness in the form of coffee.


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