Ten Best Chocolate Flavored Cigars

Ten Best Chocolate Flavored Cigars

Candy may be sweet, but chocolate always takes the day as the most delicious stuff most individuals like to snack on. Kings are said to have been first to relish it, men hoard it and women carve it-all the time. Lately, cigar smoking world too has been graced with this little delicacy. You will realize that most of the highly rated and raved about cigars either contain a little or more of the chocolate flavoring.

Since we are talking about chocolate flavor, maybe its time you know why this ingredient is so vital in your cigar. To start with, chocolates melt at a low temperature, hence when in your mouth, the will melt away quickly leaving a feeling of ecstasy behind.

Chocolate also contains traces of chemicals called opioids. These chemicals ease up the nerves helping you to feel at ease. Like phenylethylamine, sugars, and caffeine, chocolate too contains “uppers” that make your heart beat faster and breathing system quickens thus keeping you mentally alert. Now you know why you get those surges of energy and liveliness whenever you smoke your favorite chocolate flavored cigar.

Even though we are in love with cigars, that doesn’t mean we are oblivious of its downsides like cancer and heart disease, especially when over indulged. Luckily, chocolate flavored cigars (dark chocolate flavored) contains chemicals such as Flavanoids and antioxidants which have been known to lower cardiovascular and cancer diseases. Enough said, lets now have at some of the best chocolate flavored cigars.

Best Chocolate Flavored Cigars

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 is one of the most flavored cigars in the cigar market. Despite their ever-growing popularity, their construction is still intact in quality. Most sites that review cigars in terms of flavor rated this product 5/5 stars due to its consistency in ensuring a balance of both the flavors and tobacco content so that neither goes too far.

On your palate, this cigar will have a sweet taste with hints of cedar, coffee, and dark chocolate.

Cohiba Behike BHK 52

Cohiba is an all-time favorite Cuban cigar for most individuals that want to relish on the natural sweetness of a chocolate flavoring. Its stands above other cigars in many different ways. A single stick may give you almost seventy minutes of pleasure (and meditation for those who always find themselves wandering in an endless imaginary universe).

The level of complexity offered Cohiba Behike BHK 52 is unrivaled. All your senses become involved while you are smoking. Your palate will be hit with various complex flavorings from earthly tones to undertones of vanilla, citrus, cocoa and chocolate. The sweetness is usually balanced by the addition of unsweetened espresso or dark chocolate.

Cohiba’s smoke is outstanding and has a velvet texture. A single puff always greets your palate with a myriad of flavors. Even better, this cigar can be smoked right away without the need to age them, thanks to the awesome manufacturing process.

Oliva Serie V Double Toro

Any seasoned smoker will find Oliva Serie cigars to be his best choice whenever they feel like smoking something strong. If you are looking for a chocolate flavored one, go for Double Toro. It contains traces of coffee and chocolate that makes them sweet on the palate. So, if you’ve got some coins to through around for a potent, chocolate flavored cigar, try Double Toro.

Padrón 7000

Padrón 7000 has a massive size and extraordinary weight. Once you start smoking this stick, you are likely to forget the other varieties kept in your humidor. Despite its huge size, this cigar burns evenly and draws perfectly.

Padron 7000 is made from Habano tobacco in Nicaragua and draped in Milk chocolate wrapper. It’s a full-bodied cigar with leather and wood as the predominant flavors. Smoke it for a long time and you’ll find yourself feeling authoritative. Pocket wise, this cigar is reasonably priced.

Remington 5-Fer Natural Filtered Full Chocolate

Among many premium category cigars, very few can come close to containing as much chocolate as Remington 5-Fer Natural Filtered Full Chocolate. They are also well balanced to ensure no ingredient overpowers the other. Remington has something to offer to every cigar connoisseur. They have a natural wrapper and come packed in 100 mm cartons.

CAO Brazilia Gol

CAO Brazilia Gol is a powerful and tasty cigar that comes draped in oily Brazilian wrappers mixed with Nicaraguan filler to deliver a great taste. This cigar was produced after the company carried out its research for five good years. The Nicaraguan fillers and Arapiraca wrappers are given enough time to age thus resulting in a flavor rich masterpiece.

Upon smoking it, you will be graced by some traces of bitter chocolate, pepper, nut and some other flavors. CAO burns smoothly and even with a creamy smoke that doesn’t overpower which makes it suitable for beginners as well.

Perdomo 12 Year Vintage Maduro

If you are looking for a nice chocolate flavored Maduro to accompany your bourbon, this cigar is your answer. It’s manufactured from Vintage Maduro tobacco that’s aged in bourbon casks. Besides chocolate, your palate will be hit with traces of sweet cocoa and bourbon.

Padron 1926 Maduro

Padron 1926 is a luxurious cigar that is cherished by many gentlemen. Its filler is made from the Nicaraguan tobacco that blends well with its slightly dark oily wrapper. It’s loaded with hints of chocolate, cream, and a few other light spices.

My Father La Duena

My Father Cigars are widely cherished for their quality and consistency. One such product is My Father La Duena, a product of Tatuaje fame. It’s made from Nicaraguan tobacco and draped in a Connecticut wrapper. Being a mild cigar, La Duena doesn’t overpower. The key flavors in it include some traces of dark chocolate, leather, and coffee.

Hemingway Short Story Maduro

Wrapping up our ten best chocolate flavored cigars is Hemingway Short Story Maduro. To start with, Hemingway looks nice on the outward with its dark colored wrapper. If you smell the wrapper, you’ll be graced with hints of espresso, dark chocolate, and sweet barnyard. This cigar burns evenly and it’s delicious on the tongue.

So, if you tired of smoking dry cigars and want something that is heavily or lightly dosed with chocolate and other flavors, you can try any of the above choices. Visit Thompsoncigar to grab any of these cigars for yourself.


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