Seven Cigars for Beginners

Seven Cigars for Beginners

Novice smokers always find it hard to find the right kind of cigar for them because of the multiple companies and varieties available. There are also many vocabularies that might confuse them to the extent that they find themselves lost.

If you have been in a similar situation mentioned above and you are anxious to find a guide that will help you find the best cigar for you, tag along for some few minutes. I’m going to list down some of the best seven cigars that any newbie will find gentle on their palate.

7 Cigars for beginners


Arturo Fuente 858

Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 is a cigar that has a wide following in the Arturo Fuente line. It is manufactured in the Dominican Republic by Arturo Fuente family. Many people who have tried 858 describe it as being of high quality, consistent and perfect.

It is a good place for beginners as it is of medium strength and contains bold flavors of pepper, coffee and gingerbread spices and sweetness. It is a well-proportioned cigar in the shape of a corona with a Cameroon wrapper. The size of Arturo Fuente is approximately 6 x 47 and it has a natural dark color. It is usually packaged as a single cigar.

Rocky Patel (RP) Vintage 1999 Connecticut

Created by Rocky Patel in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut is an excellent cigar for newbie smokers as a result of being a mild-bodied cigar and having a great volume of aroma and flavors.

Unlike its counterparts, the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and 1992 which are square shaped, this cigar comes in various shapes and sizes. The common ones are Robusto, Churchill, Toro, Torpedo, Godo, Perfecto and Corona. Thus, you can begin with the smallest size and work your way up.

These cigars are packaged as either a single cigar, a box of 20 or a 5-pack. As for the flavor, this cigar has simultaneous and complex hints of cream, some spice, and wood flavors.

It features a filler blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-leaf-Ligero which are all seven years old. Similarly, the cigar is enclosed within an exquisite brown Connecticut wrapper with white and gold bands.


These are Honduran cigars that have been in the market since the 19th century. La Flor de Copan Cigar Factory gets the honor of hand rolling these cigars under the supervision of Melo Bueso; a prominent cigar maker. They feature a natural Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Honduran binder.

Like the RP Vintage 1999 Connecticut, the Gispert cigars come in various Vitolas namely: Corona, Belicoso, Toro, Churchill, and Robusto. They are available in a box of 15, a box of 20 or a 5-pack.

This is one of the brands that have received a 90+ rating as a result of its consistency and quality.

Gispert comes in creamy, toasty, woody, bready and chocolate flavors. All these flavors coupled its medium power makes it friendly to the enthusiastic novices.

CAO Gold

CAO Gold is one of the best cigars produced by CAO; a Nicaraguan cigar company.  This company puts a lot of effort in ensuring that the cigars they produce are of high quality and consistent in their flavors. They use tobaccos from all over the world including Columbia, Brazil and in the Amazon Basin.

CAO Gold cigars are handmade, blended from long aged leaves and draped in an exquisite Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. They are available in a handful of sizes that include: Torpedo, Churchill, Robusto, karats (Cigarillos), Perfecto, Toro, Presidente, Corona, and Gordo.

The silky and medium-bodied flavor which is deep and complex makes CAO cigars an outstanding selection for you as a beginner. The cigars are available as singles, 5-pack, a box of 10, and 20, a tin of 5, and 50 cigars + lighter. The choice is all yours.

Flor de las Antillas

Flor de las Antillas is the first cigar in the line of ‘My Father’ brand. It has received several 90+ ratings from critics across many cigar platforms. These cigars are full-flavoured and well-constructed handmades featuring an all-Nicaraguan blend of tobaccos.

Despite the potent tobacco used, this cigar is moderated during the industrial process and always comes out with a light punch suitable for starters.

When you open a box of these cigars, a dark-brown Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper will give your eyes a greeting. In each of these wrappers, you will find Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders. The Flor de las Antillas has an array of Vitolas and flavors.

The common flavors are Nutmeg-like spice, chocolate and almonds. The vitolas include Toro, Gordo, Belicoso, and Robusto. They come packaged in either a box of 20, 5-pack or a pack of 3.

Illusione Rothchildes

This one came on the cigar market in 2002. It has its origin in Nicaragua, and it is the best and cheapest of all the cigars produced by the Illusione Company. It has a rusty yet solid construction which may deter you from purchasing but hey, give it a try.

Its flavors of sweet pepper, cream and cocoa may give you a mouth-watering experience. The wrapper is of Mexican San Andreas origin and only comes in one size; 4.5 x 50 (Petite Robusto).  This cigar is available in cabinets of 50 and is mild-bodied.

Gran Habano #1 Connecticut

Having its roots in Honduras, Gran Habano #1 Connecticut is designed to produce a delicate, smooth and mild-balanced taste of cream and hints of nuts, leather, and coffee. It showcases an Ecuadorian wrapper that encloses a boutique of mild-medium bodied Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers.

The Gran Habano #1 Connecticut comes in eleven surprising sizes: pyramid, Churchill, Gran Robusto, Shorty Pyramid, Rothschild, Lunch Break, Robusto, Lancero, Imperiales, Short Robusto and Gran Corona. These vitolas are packaged as singles, a box of 20, a pack of 5, 10, and 100 and a Mazo of 10.

From this list, I firmly believe you will come across a cigar that will taste nice on your palate. Sometimes you might actually need to go through all of them and decide which one gives you the best clout. Visit Thompsoncigar to see some more varieties of cigars that you can add to your humidor.


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