JR Cigar

JR Cigar

When people write a review on JR Cigars, it’s usually going to be positive.

The people who are interested in cigars and the related culture need to be careful where they shop. They are interested in items that are somewhat niche these days which is only going to reduce their options.

However, it also means that they can usually trust the opinions of their fellow reviewers much more easily. These reviewers are usually going to be fellow enthusiasts and not random people.


The website outline and layout is easy to follow. People will be able to see all of the bestselling cigar brands prominently displayed and they should quickly get a sense of which cigar brands are the best for their purposes.

The website also makes it easy for people to find the limited time offers, the deals and the closeouts. People who signup for the JR Plus membership on their website get the benefit of free shipping for a year, allowing them to save nearly five dollars.

This is a company that manages to take care for all of its fellow cigar enthusiasts in more ways than one allowing people to really see what the world of cigars has to offer.

Large Choice

At the JR Cigar website it should be easy for people to get almost everything that they need as cigar connoisseurs.

There are lots of different products there, not just cigars, although people will certainly find a wide range of different cigars there. There are humidors, pipes and cigar accessories available at JR Cigars as well.

Some of the cigar accessories that people will find on the JR Cigar website are the sorts of accessories that cigar users would not have purchased for themselves otherwise.

Other accessories are just the sorts of items that they might want to purchase for other people as gifts. People can get cigar ashtrays, cutters, cases, lighters and electronic humidifiers at this website.

Customer Reactions

Online it’s easy to find people in the cigar enthusiast niche talking about the JR Cigar website. People talk about how they’re pleased with the selection that they were able to find there. They talk about their positive experiences with shipping and ordering from the website.

They also talk about finding products there that they could not find anywhere else. These are all some of the most important characteristics in any online shopping website. The JR Cigar company itself has been around since 1915.

They have managed to survive for a long time having celebrated their 100 year anniversary last year. They’ve managed to update themselves and diversify quite a bit over the course of a century which is why they have managed to stay in the game when so many other tobacconist outlets have bowed out.

Cigar enthusiasts have been using their products for a century now and it looks like they’re going to continue to do so because it is the best place to buy cigars online.


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