Guide to Buying Your First Cigar

Guide to Buying Your First Cigar

If you are looking for a new passion or hobby and have shortlisted cigar collecting as the number one option, welcome to the club. Cigars are associated with classiness as well as a certain level of roguishness, probably because of their association with gangster movies.

All in all, if you are new to cigars we will guide you on how to choose the most appropriate cigar for you. Once you find a cigar shop near you, you won’t seem lost.

Elements of a Cigar

Even though cigars may differ, they are mainly made up of the following three elements:

  • Wrappers – the wrapper is the outermost part of the cigar. It is made up of the larger lower leaves of the tobacco plant. It is then wound around the cigar and aids in binding the cigar together.
  • Filler – under the wrapper, you will find the filler. This is the content of the cigar. It comprises of small, wrapped bunches of leaves.
  • Binder – the binder comprises of leaves that are used in binding the fillers together.They are mainly made from the same leaves that make the wrappers. However, the difference is that they have holes on them and are normally discolored.

Facts About Cigars

Before you try to find a cigar shop near you, you might want to have the following facts in mind. One concerns the quality of the cigar. How does one determine which cigar is of the utmost quality when you are first starting out?

The quality of a cigar is usually dependent on the head or cap of the cigar. The head is the part of the cigar that one chops off in order to smoke. Another thing that you need to be aware of before you find a cigar shop and buy your first stogie is the color.

The cigar industry has done its part in coming up with terms that describe the color of cigars. The common vocabulary that you might want to know to avoid looking like a novice include terms like double claro and double corona.

Another aspect of the cigar is the ring size. The combination of both the ring size as well as the length is vital as it helps distinguish the usual cigars. For example, the double corona refers to the biggest cigar while Churchill, corona, robusto and petit corona refer to some of the smallest.

Another important thing to know about the ring size is that it determines how cool the smoke will be. If you are a novice and wondering which size to choose from, start with the smaller size cigars.

This is because it may be hard for beginners to attack the huge Havana which may take almost an hour to smoke. They should therefore build their way up.

Tips to Buying your First Cigar

After you find a cigar shop and are looking to buy your first cigar here are some tips to guide you in the process.

First, check whether the cigar is fresh. Cigars have a freshness lifespan of not more than 24 hours once they are no longer in the humidor. In order to be certain of their freshness squeeze the cigar lightly with two fingers.

Both wrapper and binder should be soft. On the other hand, if feels hard and tends to form cracks on the wrapper it is a sign of the cigar’s poor condition.

Another quality test is the color of the cigar. Usually when looking at cigars in a box you should be able to notice the color of all the cigars. Normally, quality cigars come in the same shade. However, if some are discolored it might be a sign that they are bad.

Once you find a cigar shop and are looking to buy a cigar you should be aware of how to cut the cap as it is vital. This is because cutting the cap will determine how good the draws will be. For that reason, if you cut too little, the cigar will give you a hell of a time while smoking.

On the other hand, cutting it too much will make the wrapper unwind. There are special tools to cut the cap such as single and double blade guillotines.

Next, you should steer clear of paper matches or gas burning Zippos when lighting the cigars. This is because they may give your cigar a bad chemical taste. Lighting is usually reserved for wooden matches or butane lighters.

There you have it. As you find a cigar shop to buy your first cigar these tips will assist you in selecting the most appropriate for your specific style and taste.


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