Eight Must Try Cigars

Eight Must Try Cigars

When the cold season hits and everybody starts coiling around fires, avid smokers start thinking of their cigars. Considering that there are multiple brands out there, we figured you might not have all the time to comb through the internet looking for the best cigars to try out.

So, we took it upon ourselves to create for you a list of the must try cigars so that you can easily order some of them as you continue to enjoy your fire or anything you are doing.

8 Must try cigars

Montecristo White Belicoso

This brand is a mild cigar that has been made with all the needed care and craftsmanship. It’s perfectly draped in a Connecticut shade wrapper giving it a unique construction. Besides the shape, its clout is also as strong as the one that comes from the Nicaraguan leafy varieties.

Being a mild cigar, Montecristo can go well with several drinks like cappuccino and a few others. It’s not bitter or overwhelming_this does not suggest in any way that you gift it to your novice friends.

Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Toro

If you are a strong smoker, then you will definitely relish this cigar’s punch. It’s darker than most Reserve Toro varieties and is laced with pepper and wood flavorings with some bits of coffee and cocoa giving it a new kind of strength not found in most cigars. Despite its eventual uneven burn, this cigar should be right at the top of the list of any individual looking for a full-bodied smoke.

For an unforgettable experience, it’s advisable you leave it in a humidor for about 3-4 months. This will make it lose some of its bitterness and become even more complex. Couple it with an excellent rum for an even grandeur feeling.

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon Robusto

Since their birth, Rocky Patel cigars have received excellent ratings on many online cigar publications. As for 2003 Cameroon Robusto, the company did its best to give it the finest flavors and an exceptional quality making it one of the most the best smokes available.

The Cameroon wrapper is delicate and fragile hence very easy to work with. Some of its filler material comes from the Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. To get the best out of this cigar, you might need to keep it in a humidor a little longer-sometimes up to 6 months.

Davidoff Puro d’Oro Gigantes

The Davidoff cigars have always garnered much respect from many seasoned smokers all over the world because of their quality and wide smoke accouterments that go well with them. The same efforts can be seen in Davidoff Puro d’Oro Gigantes cigar. It’s made solely from the Dominican tobacco yet it offers a powerful clout than most Dominican made varieties.

The key things in Davidoff Puro d’Oro Gigantes are its serous strength, the gold label lining, and the mouthwatering leather, raisin and pepper flavorings. For a perfect draw, couple it with single malt straw and do not forget to meal up! It’s got some serious potency that needs you to be on full energy.

Ashton Cabinet Series #8

Go over the list of the best and “must try cigars” on the internet and you’ll always bump on the Ashton cigars. They are considered to be the best for gentlemen smokers. If you are the kind of a smoker who falls in love with one king of cigar and never deviates, Ashton Cabinet Series #8 is for you. It’s known to be consistent both in its structural outlook and the number of flavors it contains. No variations whatsoever.

Ashton Cabinet Series #8 comes in an appealing look and gives out a creamy smoke rich in cocoa, coffee, spice, and roasted nuts as the main flavors. Being an old fashioned cigar, series #8 and other Ashton varieties can be smoked with almost any drink you want to.

My Father Flor de las Antilles Robusto

My Father Cigars are without doubt one of the most raved about cigars in smoking circles. They were established by the Garcia family and came right after the Tatuaje brand. Flor de las Antilles Robusto won a Cigar Aficionado award for being the cigar of the year 2012. This cigar is bold, creamy and packed with spices that give it a delectable clout.

Flor de las Antilles Robusto is slightly spongy in construction and it’s draped in a red-brown wrapper (sun grown). Its draw is very loose, but it still delivers an awesome smoking experience. Novice smokers will find this cigar quite manageable. For grandeur experience, pair it with Angel’s Envy Bourbon or something along that line.

Oliva Serie V Double Toro

Double Tor is one of the strongest blends offered by the Oliva Serie. It’s dark, oily and delightful on the palate. It is crafted from the Nicaraguan Ligero tobacco and draped in Sun Grown Nicaraguan wrapper.

Its smoke is rich in chocolate and coffee flavors that provide a long-lasting punch. Holding out a stick of Double Toro as you blow the smoke up in the sky can bring back your sweet memories. It’s one of the good stuff life offers_or rather, Oliver Serie offers.

Nub Connecticut 358

This list won’t be complete without mentioning Nub Connecticut 358. Newbies widely cherish this cigar due to its wide range of flavors like leather and hay on its Connecticut wrapper. This cigar is easy to draw and produces a creamy high-flavored smoke. It’s good to start off with size 358 before jumping all the way to the 460, which is pumped up to provide a powerful kick. The cigar goes well with Americano drink or anything that suits you.

I’ll be lying if I say I know what tastes good on your palate. So far, the above list has been carefully researched based on what appears to have pleased many smokers. This somehow means you might like one or several of these cigars.

With these eight options, you no longer have to torture your palate tasting everything to find your suitable choice. Visit Thompsoncigar to see what these cigars cost.


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