Cigars vs. Cigarettes

Cigars vs. Cigarettes

There has always been a war between cigar and cigarettes smoker as each block tries to defend their loved stick. Cigarettes smokers say cigars are not as good while cigar lovers cherish them and declare them superior over cigarettes.

Cigar smokers mostly look at the cigarette smokers with disdain for smoking cheap tobacco while the cigars smokers think of them as being afraid of cigarette brands. There is no one to blame for this showdown since it all comes down to a matter of preference.

Whatever the case, differences do exist. Structurally, they both contain tobacco, but it’s wrapped differently in each of them. In cigarettes, tobacco is wrapped in a paper (or any other material without tobacco) while in cigars, it’s wrapped in a material containing tobacco. Generally, cigars are bigger and thicker and thus last longer than cigarettes. They are also more costly than cigarettes.

When it comes to simplicity, cigarettes will surely take the day. All you need to do is take it out of the box and light it with a single puff. Cigars, on the other hand, are a bit complicated. You have to cut it then hold it by the band, just slightly above the flame then puff severally as you rotate it for about 30-60 seconds until it begins to glow.

When smoking a cigarette, the smoke is usually inhaled into the lungs where it’s further taken into the bloodstream. For cigars, the smoke is just savored in the mouth and not inhaled into the lungs. This, to some extent, explains why cigar smokers rarely get lung cancer. However, uncontrolled indulgence may result in some health problems.

The moment you start using cigars, you will realize they are even more invigorating on the tongue which makes them more preferred by many tobacco lovers. You shouldn’t be intimidated by their prices either. A sneak peek at Thompsoncigar will show you that there are cheaper varieties that can still provide you with the same intense feeling as the expensive ones.

What I’m trying to say is that cigars mostly offer some satisfying results in some places where cigarettes couldn’t deliver. It’s for this reason that we will list down some of the reasons why cigars are considered better off.

The length

Yep, Size matters too when it comes to tobacco sticks. However, we are not talking about their physical length, but how long each lasts. Cigarettes are thin and thus lasts about 10-15 minutes only. Cigars, on the other hand, last longer thus delivering prolonged periods of pleasure.

The sophistication

Well, even though cigarettes sometimes exude an element of sophistication, particularly when used with a cigarette holder, they still do not match the level provided by cigars. In America (at least), cigars are a symbol of sophistication. To acquire the same stature with cigarettes, you’ll need some other add-ons like a top hat, a cigarette holder, and a monocle.

The variety

When it comes to variety, cigars and cigarettes differ to a great extent. Cigarettes have a variety which is explained by the existence of many brands we see everywhere. However, you’ll realize their difference lies only in the amount of nicotine in each.

Cigars, on the other side, vary to a great extent in terms of size, length, smell and the type of flavors. Some have an earth or leather taste while other have a chocolate or coffee flavoring. Each cigar you smoke brings with it a totally different impact-something that can’t be said for cigarettes.

The bars

There is no place that is more welcoming for an avid smoker than cigar bars. They have an element of luxury and a modicum of gentlemanliness. Some bars may welcome cigarettes smokers but the true cigar bars will hardly allow cigarette smoking in their lounges. You will always bump into a “no cigarette smoking” on their walls.

I haven’t come across any bar that is strictly for cigarette smokers; unless if you feel obliged to count bowling alleys.

The drinks

You will find many cigarette smokers downing a cup of coffee or an alcoholic beverage as they smoke. But the question is, do these drinks make cigarette smoking any better? I doubt if they do because most cigarettes don’t have flavors. Cigars, on the other hand, can be enjoyed with virtually any drink because they are flavored.


Cheap somehow always ends up becoming expensive in the end. Most hurriedly prepared cigarettes contain additives such as ammonia, methanol arsenic, and other industrial solvents which pose health risks. Cigars, on the other hand, are mostly made from high-quality natural tobacco with health friendly flavorings. However, any cheap corner store can still sell you fake cigars that will eventually harm you.

As indicated before, most cigars (the premium quality) undergo a thorough industrial process to quality check before it’s wrapped up. One of the vital processes is fermentation. During this process, proteins, polyphenols, phytosterols, and sugars are removed. The fermented tobacco also results in nicotine reduction by a third. This makes cigars somehow safer than cigarettes-which only loses a small amount of nicotine during the curing process.

When it comes to the side effects, you could also say both smokers are at risk. After all, they both inhale tobacco. Cigars have plenty of tobacco than cigarettes because of their sizes. Nevertheless, moderation is key for both smokers if they wish to keep themselves safe.

So if you are an avid cigar smoker and would like to know how you can enjoy it with reduced risk levels, consider the advice below.

  • Smoke in well ventilated areas-this makes sure smoke-filled air is replenished by fresh air. If you smoke indoors, make sure your windows are open or your fan is running.
  • Smoke premium cigars that have been aged well and handmade. They always have a lower level of nicotine and other additives.
  • Smoke in moderation-remember most of the things that we love eventually harm us whenever we over indulge in them.
  • Don’t inhale- it’s one way to keep your lungs clean.
  • Don’t chew cigars- accumulated tar levels can affect your mucous membrane.

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