Cigars for Women

Cigars for Women

Cigars are practically synonymous with men. They usually represent masculinity and are associated with class, sexiness and manliness. Despite the gender bias though there are women who are still interested in the cigar smoking experience.

Like fine wines, spirits, and aged artisan food, cigars have a certain quality that takes a connoisseur to appreciate. If kept in proper humidor a cigar may get finer as it ages.

A palate that is especially discerning towards fine cigars can take a lot of pleasure in unwinding, relaxing, and even celebrating with the lighting of a cigar. This is usually the luxury of slowing down time and savoring the here and now as opposed to the busy lifestyle of the rich and prominent.

If paired with a deliciously fragrant cognac, or a rich and aromatic strong brew, or even a strong and savory glass of red wine, a good cigar can offer a wealth of richness and flavor.

There are, of course, many levels of cigar-smoking women, from the ones who only light up on special occasions to the routine. An authentic female cigar lover- there is nothing better from what she prefers the most. So what to smoke, then?

Starting with a good quality flavored cigar like the Java Mint by Drew Estate, as the name suggests, it’s a great calorie free alternative to mint chocolate chip ice cream with a hint of delectable mocha and is a favorite cigar among women.

This smooth tasty treat is a great first for any cigar new comer with a sweet tooth.

For a lady who isn’t a chocolate lover another great alternative is the CAO Moontrance, a delectable fruity number with a smooth draw that immediately brings a tropical paradise to mind.

A moonlit beach, the waves crashing in the background, the Moontrance will turn a lady’s lakeside cabin into a tropical paradise. In the unlikely event that a woman doesn’t like chocolate or the beach, she’s probably an alien, but even aliens deserve to enjoy a nice cigar.

It is recommended to give her a Tatiana Groovy Blue Natural Robusto Mixed Flavors. The Groovy Blue is flavored with berries soaked in vanilla and laced with Acai, Honey and Cognac, so this is a great option for vanilla lovers and women who enjoy the taste of Brandy.

Well, it would be easy to throw out a few flavored or infused options like Acid cigars like an Acid G-Fresh, since those cigars tend to be milder and a little easier on the palate; so just as martinis became more accessible once the classic recipe was enhanced with new flavors, this kind of cigar can be a good jumping-off point for women smokers that want to begin this new hobby.

Finally, for all the bad-ass women who refuse to start small, an Alec Bradley American Classic is a good suggestion. These cigars, as the name suggests, are a little smoky piece of America all rolled up in a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

The flavor starts out light and smooth and gradually becomes darker with a little bit of a bite reminiscent of espresso. Lady smokers are encouraged to not be afraid, to experiment, and to explore cigars beyond the usual “ladies” cigars.

Talking to fellow cigar smokers, or to have a casual conversation with a tobacconist are ways ladies discover what they really like. The wonderful thing about cigar-smoking is that everyone’s experience is unique and personal.

It’s all in the taste buds and everyone is different. And recommending an inferior cigar to anybody, man or woman doesn’t do cigar smokers any good. Enjoying each other’s company when smoking, ladies included. So smoke what you like, as long as you like what you smoke.

A cigar woman is a true aficionado of this fine crafted produce. A cigar woman simply does not light up to be “in” with a crowd but does so because she revels in the different sensations and flavors that a great cigar brings.

Women who love cigars are usually strong, confident, and passionate women who are unique, independent, and with impeccable taste.


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