Cigar Reviews

Cigar Reviews

In the world of Cigars, there are a wide variety of available products. Cigar customer reviews are one way of helping out fellow cigar enthusiasts in selecting the best product.

Here are some cigar and cigar accessories reviews.

Le Veil DCH-12V1 Digital Cigar Humidifier

A great deal for real security, it can help store pricey sticks that you just can’t risk ruining. Accordingly, this Cigar Humidifier was found this to be the most favorable option for someone who lives in a hot climate, not to mention all the other great reviews to help for the main concern of cigar storage.

For an OCD maniac about cigars, go this route. You won’t regret it. It sets up in under 10 minutes and in less than an hour have you to 70% and your mind will finally be at ease.

Churchill 125 Count Humidor

A beautiful humidor. The passive humidifier works great and the seal around the lid is very tight making for a worry free environment. It should be noted that this is a solid Spanish Cedar Humidor with a veneer exterior.

Some of the cheap boxes come with a Spanish cedar lined interior, but not these. It’s heavy and very well made. Now for the analog hydrometer that’s mounted in the front. I performed 2 salt test (after removing it from the front) and compared it’s reading to my digital.

It’s very important to make your adjustments only 2 to 3 increments at a time, place it back in the bag and wait a couple of hours. I was able to bring it within 2+- degrees of the digital. That’s the good news. If you want complete accuracy though you may have to modify it.

You may have read reviews that say the analog meters that come with these boxes are no good. This is not necessarily true. With patience and a little TLC you can have an accurate meter but he recommends an analog as a back up just to be safe and to have something to compare with.

Finally, a word on humidification devices. He had 8 boxes and has learned the hard way. The passive devices that come with these units can and do work well depending on where you live and how well the box is made. Give them a chance before upgrading. Remember, humidity drops.

The bottom of the box will be just a little moister than the top. If you have a shelf on top you might consider a tube to compliment the device in the bottom.

Take pride in how you care for your cigars. If you’re into aging your sticks, record purchase dates.

You might enjoy your own rating system? Looking after them and displaying them can be just as enjoyable as lighting one up. And this handsome box will reflect your good taste.

Humidor Accessory Kit

It is noted that this item works as advertised. The Gels keep the 50 count humidor at 70% exactly. After opening the top to rearrange or pick a cigar the hygrometer drops to 58% or so pretty quick.

Less than 30 minutes it’s back at 68% and within 2 hours its back to 70%. Also, tested the hygrometer’s calibration by using table salt, water and a zip lock bag and it is spot on (75%). It is highly recommended for purchase.

Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Maduro Lonsdale

A great brand name in cigars. Accordingly these are just as good if not better than others and can’t beat the price. Highly recommended!


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