Cigar Brands of the World

Cigar Brands of the World

People buy cigars because they want to enjoy the luxurious experience of smoking them which is why aficionados have very high and specific standards for the cigars they choose to buy. For these aficionados, each type of cigar has features that make it distinct.

The unique flavors and aromas determine the overall character of each type of cigar and the quality of the resulting experience. Therefore, it is important as an aficionado to know and understand the unique flavor and aroma profiles of each type of cigar.

Below is a list of some of the finest cigar brands from around the world for you to light up and enjoy:

Macanudo Cigar

The Macanudo’s smooth and mild flavors combined with its fresh undertones have led to the growth of its dedicated clientele. Macanudos are one of the most popular brands around the world and its offering for last year, Hyde Park, was met with great enthusiasm.

Padron Cigar

This cigar is known mostly for its dedicated craftsmanship. It has a strong yet subtly varied flavor that further sets it apart from other major global brands.

Despite being one 2015’s top 10 brands this cigar is often hard to find in many parts of the world. Fortunately at the end of this article we provide a location where you can find all of these global favorites and more.

Davidoff Cigar

With an extremely rich and utterly unique flavor the Davidoff cigar is one of the world’s most popular and sought-after brands by experienced connoisseurs. This is a brand on the rise with an extremely popular offering, Millennium, available last year.

Oliva Cigar

After winning ‘Cigar of the Year’ in 2014 this brand has continued to amaze cigar-lovers this year as well. This brand is likely to continue its strong showing for years to come.

Bolivar Cigar

The Bolivar cigar is widely acknowledged as the best choice for people who enjoy a strong cigar. While this cigar is usually too strong for beginners experienced smokers appreciate its profound earthy flavor accentuated by peppery notes that provides immense satisfaction as it lingers longer than the flavors of lighter cigars.

CAO Cigar

This cigar’s use of the Cameroon wrapper provides it with a truly regal flavor. A favorite of leisurely cigar-smokers everywhere this hand-crafted cigar’s well-balanced and mild flavor ensures a long and slow enjoyment of the smoking experience.

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Cigar

These handcrafted cigars use Mexican tobacco to create one of the world’s most respected and popular brands. This brand continued its 40-year reputation for excellence with the offering of yet another masterpiece, La Historia, last year.

Gurkha Cigar

Gurkha cigars are widely considered the perfect cigar by the most sophisticated of cigar-lovers. The Black Dragon offering from 2014 is still one of the most popular cigars in the world and cigar-smokers everywhere are eagerly awaiting future offerings from this exciting brand.

Rocky Patel Cigar

This young brand, boasting wild and exotic flavors, is taking the cigar world by storm. After a strong showing last year with the Royale Toro offering, people expect great things from this brand in the years to come.

Montecristo Cigar

The Montecristo is indisputably among the best Cuban cigars available today. Its complex and surprising blends make it popular among a wide variety of cigar connoisseurs. Unsurprisingly, it easily made the top 10 list in 2015, and is expected to do the same in the years to come.

Serious cigar connoisseurs have a deep appreciation for the full subtleties of truly enjoying a world-class cigar and the experience provided. Smoking for them is not about need but rather about maximizing pure luxurious enjoyment from the highest quality tobacco and craftsmanship.

They bask in the sensual overload of a truly unique and stimulating brand. Enjoying a cigar means taking the time and space to truly ponder its intricate and multi-faceted flavoring by focusing completely on the experience.

Cigar connoisseurs know that contrary to popular belief, there are no rules to the cigar-smoking experience. They know that in reality each cigar demands its own ritual and unique method for enjoying its distinct flavors and aromas.

Enjoy your cigars how and when you want as only you know the best way to maximize your own enjoyment. The purpose of this list is to offer suggestions to broaden your range of cigar brands with some of the highest quality brands in the world. You can find them all at Thompson Cigar.


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