Buying the Right Travel Humidor

Buying the Right Travel Humidor

Many people are interested in bringing cigars with them on vacation. Other people are going to want to give cigars as a present or bring cigars back with them from a given location and a travel humidor can help them keep their prized cigars fresh.

Almost anything that has to travel across long distances is going to be subjected to a lot of changes in temperature, humidity and many other factors.

Characteristics of a Good Travel Humidor

One of the great things about a travel humidor is that people can just use it in their own homes even if they’re not traveling.

These devices are made to be compact and portable enough that people can enjoy them in almost any context. As such, people should really look at the size and capacity travel humidors when shopping around.

Ideally, travel humidors should be able to hold at least five cigars. Five cigars are not going to occupy much surface area and people are usually not going to want to buy or contribute smaller selections of cigars than that. Some travel humidors are larger than that.

A travel humidor is ultimately a piece of luggage of sorts. People tend to care about the external appearance of their luggage.

Lots of travel humidors are very stylish and have a leather outer layer. Others are more practical and don’t look much different from tool kits. The stylish-looking leather ones are certainly going to cost more.

Travel humidors must provide some protection from the elements. They need to be both watertight and airtight which should already protect the cigars from a majority of the hazards that they might encounter. Obviously, even the best travel humidor is not going to be entirely airtight or watertight.

However, even keeping out most of the hazards associated with outside air and water can make a difference when it comes to preserving the cigars and keeping them in the right environment.

People will usually be able to recognize when cigars have been stored in a high-quality humidor right away. They will still retain their famous and fresh scents, whichever scents have managed to make them famous and beloved according to the people who are loyal to the brand in question.

High-quality humidors truly manage to preserve everything that people love about their favorite cigars. Travel humidors have some unique liabilities, of course. They need to be crush-proof as well as watertight and airtight.

Cigars are more vulnerable to being crushed than many of the other types of cargo that people will bring with them. As such, it’s that much more important for people to find a travel humidor that’s going to provide the right protective shell.

Travel humidors also have to be convenient for people to carry. They need to have latches that can fall into place easily so people don’t risk spilling the contents of their humidors. Humidors also need to have handles that give people enough of a grip.

For many people cigars are partly about style. They care about effect. Many people want cigars that are expensive specifically in order to indulge themselves.

They want the finer things in life. The right travel humidor qualifies as well. Great cigars merit great accessories and the humidor is arguably the most important accessory in a cigar set.


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