Best Online Cigar Store Reviews

Best Online Cigar Store Reviews

Cigar enthusiasts everywhere should read the best online cigar store reviews. Many people who are fans of this niche have a hard time finding exactly what they want in the best location. Cigars and cigar accessories vary widely in price.

It’s important for people to look at all prices out there in order to determine which cigar outlets are best. There’s a great deal of price inflation for a product like cigars.

Online Tobacconist

One of the interesting things about a lot of the cigar stores online is that many of them are just recent iterations of tobacconists that go back to the early twentieth century. Smoking, especially cigar smoking, was much more common during this time period.

Smoking started to become a widespread social norm in the early twentieth century and a lot of the tobacconists of the day were able to make a lot of money off of this new emerging pastime.

It isn’t surprising that a lot of the best online cigar stores┬álike Thompson Cigar and JR Cigar┬ácan actually trace their origins to this increasingly obscure time period. While more people have entered the profession since then it doesn’t happen all that often any more.

Cigar smoking is much more niche than it used to be which is going to influence the distribution of the businesses. The tobacconists that have been around for a century are still there and there aren’t a lot of new businesses emerging on the scene.

In some cases this should be a good thing for a lot of cigar enthusiasts. Many of the people who are really into cigars care a lot about tradition. They’re interested in being connected with the past and that’s what people are able to do when it comes to using online versions of older tobacconists.

There is a certain irony to doing so, of course. Almost anything with an online presence seems modern, regardless of the age of the company.

However, the fact that all of these very old tobacconists have been able to change with the times to such an extent really just demonstrates that they’re going to stay in the game for that much longer.

They have survived a lot of different social and technological changes in the past, which is demonstrably true. They will continue to survive even more social and technological changes in the future and their dedicated fans are still going to be there the whole time.

Range of Products

The deciding factor in many of these online tobacconist outfits is whether or not they have a lot of different products. Cigar enthusiasts really like to be able to indulge in their interest.

They want humidors that will keep the cigars fresh. They need cigar cutters and they will only want the best. They also want the best cigar cases and ashtrays which are aesthetic statements in their own right.

Ashtrays were once common gifts that people would give one another which is usually only happens between cigar enthusiasts today.

Ashtrays can be very stylish and so can cigar cases. Cigars themselves are partly about style and they have been regarded as classier than a lot of other tobacco products for a long time.

Naturally, the best online cigar store reviews will discuss whether or not they were satisfied with the shipping and handling of their products.

They will also discuss how they felt about the pricing. However, the range of products and the availability of the best cigar brands will usually be the primary concern.


Many online cigar stores will build their own veritable communities. A lot of the same reviewers will be there commenting on almost all of the different products.

There are comment sections on some of these websites and these will allow all of the different cigar enthusiasts to bond with one another. People in niche communities need to be able to do that and a lot of the best online tobacconists make this possible in one way or another.


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