Best Cheap Cigars: What You Need to Know

Best Cheap Cigars: What You Need to Know

Every cigar aficionado knows that cigars vary widely in terms of price, flavor, and availability. More often than not, expensive premium cigars offer an optimal smoking experience and, across the board, the cheaper ones tend to be inferior.

Because of this cigar enthusiasts are led to believe that they have to spend a ton of money to have a good smoking experience but this just isn’t the case.

Want to know about some these inexpensive cigars? Check out our list of the best affordable cigars on the market (listed in no particular order) :

Black Abyss

This brand is made by the same experts who crafted the highly reputed Aging Room cigars.

This more affordable version offers a powerful smoking experience that not only burns slow but is loaded with sweet woodsy notes and hints of buttery toast, roasted nuts, and dark coffee. These rich and bold flavors make the Black Abyss arguably one of the best deals in the world.


Made in Nicaragua by cigar legend Nestor Plasencia these cigars are definitely a treat that you will love.

They are available in two selections, a Costa Rican Maduro wrapper or a spicy Nicaraguan EMS. They are loaded with chocolate and creamy coffee flavors as well as a hint of spice making it an enjoyable and high-quality smoke.

Belinda Black

If you are a Maduro lover you are in for a treat with this affordable, but easily overlooked, cigar.

This brand has been around forever but due to its lack of fancy packaging and frills, many don’t give this black beauty a second look.

It offers a medium to full-bodied smoke and it’s no wonder as they are created by the legendary cigar master Estelo Pardon with aged Honduran binder leaf and filler.

Genuine Counterfeit Cuban

Although you may laugh at its name this cigar is the genuine article. In fact, it is as close to a real Cuban cigar as you can get without taking a trip to Havana.

These cigars are expertly rolled with a delicious blend of viso, ligero, and Cuba-seed tobacco harvested in Nicaragua, a necessary process to provide both the power and quality of a real Cuban.

La Aurora Connecticut

This mild, high-quality Dominican cigar can hold its own against many, more expensive sticks.

It is perfectly balanced and medium bodied making it a treat for even the most discerning cigar smokers. It’s safe to say that La Aurora Connecticut is one cigar that gives smokers more than what they paid for.

Temple Hall

These delicious cigars have the distinction of being not only the first cigar brand made in the island paradise of Jamaica but they are also considered to be one of the most underrated brands.

Nowadays these mild, well-aged beauties are made in the Dominican Republic. Their flawless construction combined with a smooth blend of aged long filler tobacco and golden brown Connecticut shade wrapper makes this premium cigar a forgotten treasure.

Bering Cigars

These cigars have been around for decades and for good reason, they are delicious! These medium-bodied cigars are loved all over the world by those who enjoy its low price point, great taste, and consistency.

It is made from a selection of high-quality tobacco from such places as Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Baccarat Cigars

These delectably sweet cigars, due to the gum cap, are hand rolled in Honduras and promise cigar aficionados an incredibly smooth smoking experience.

Made from aged golden brown Honduras wrappers, Mexican binders, Honduran long leaves, and aged Havana seed, they offer smokers the smooth flavors of caramel, cocoa, and nutmeg and, because they burn slow, the experience will last a good long while.

La Finca

This premium quality cigar has been handcrafted in the fertile Esteli region for over forty years.

Although some of the newer niche brands have made it seemingly disappear into the sea of cigar options it is definitely a treasure that you will want to unearth.

It has a naturally nutty but sweet flavor that ensures that this well-balanced cigar will become one of your favorites after just a single draw.


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