5 Cigar Magazines You Need To Know

5 Cigar Magazines You Need To Know

The easiest way to reach a specific niche audience is through magazines dedicated to specific products. Cigar magazines are written for customers who purchase cigars and love smoking them.

If you want to reach a specialized target that is interested in the product, buying ad space should help. The magazine covers everything about the cigar world from the cigars themselves to production.

You can find hundreds of articles, ratings and reviews published in the magazine which serve to inform and persuade customers in buying certain brands.

To add interest the magazines usually feature celebrities on the cover. Advertising is a great way for cigar magazines to reach target audiences around the world.

Do you need to know which are the most popular cigar magazines out there? Find out below.

Cigar Aficionado

This is an American magazine that was first published in September 1992. The magazine covers different cigars from around the world. Renowned individuals like Alec Baldwin, William Shatner, Susan Lucci, Rush Limbaugh and Fidel Castro have appeared on the cover.

It was launched by Marvin R. Shanken of M.Shanken Communications and the current editor is Gordon Mott.

It started out as a lifestyle magazine which featured articles like wines, spirits, travel, gambling and antiques. The magazine discusses cigar making and interviews from prominent people.

It features a blend of celebrity interviews and cover stories on famous cigar smokers like George Burns, Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The magazine is credited for the 1990’s cigar boom. It features articles on the latest cigar technology, golf, cars and trucks.

Cigar Advisor

This magazine provides information and advice on importing premium handmade cigars. It has a website – cigaradvisor.com which is a useful resource for cigar smokers.

The magazine provides information on pastimes, news and information on new cigars. Reviews of cigars and cigar accessories are also available. Two recent articles published in the magazine include “The Top Cigars to Smoke at a BBQ” and “Father’s Day Cigar Gifts Under $50.”

Cigar Snob

This is a bi-monthly publication that delivers a new approach to cigars. The magazine contains stunning photos, high impact editorials and reader friendly cigar ratings.

Every issue has over 100 pages and includes world class models, cigar travel tips and cigar pairings with wines, craft beers and spirits. The magazine focuses on a particular personality and lifestyle.

It features scantily clad women alongside cigars to improve visual appeal. Interviews and profiles that feature big names in the premium cigar industry and many noteworthy cigar connoisseurs are available.

Cigar Press

This magazine was launched in June 2007 and was founded in Los Angeles, California by Thor Neilsen. The magazine is currently produced in Miami, Florida. It can be found in cigar shops around the US, New Zealand, Canada, Amsterdam, Brazil, Great Britain, and Hong Kong.

This magazine believes in art and creativity especially in their reporting and views on cigars. It is also suitable for the younger generation of cigar enthusiasts. The magazine focuses on a varied groups of readers regardless of social standing.

Its mission is to provide high quality and factual views through its photos and cigar reviews. It delves into the culture of different countries and people especially involved in the world of cigars.

Every issue features various interviews, cartoons, factory tours, products, cigar art and related subjects of interest to readers. Topics vary from issue to issue. They are mostly aimed towards cigar hobbyists.

Beer and brewery tour information is also included plus travel features, cigar scene coverage, events and many more. The magazine aims to inform readers through visually stimulating content.

Cigar Journal

Cigar Journal has been around for the last two decades. Its dedicated to the global community of cigar smokers and covers different aspects of the cigar world.

Its writers are industry insiders who are from all over the world and provide close up impressions of the cigar world’s uniqueness and complexity.

The articles cover different subjects from cigar farmers and producers to the production chain. The magazine also provides insight into the main players involved in the making and selling of cigars.

Some recent articles include “Visiting Cuba: Before the Americans Come” and “How to Convert a Piece of Furniture into a Custom Humidor.” Trivia and useful information is also available.

The magazine has managed to leave out the lifestyle theme and focus on multi-faceted aspects of premium cigars. It provides a wide range of information for cigar lovers and much more.


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